As a Co-Principal Investigator  at the University of Bucharest, my engagement incubus the preparation, conduct, and administration of  research grants, cooperative agreements, training or public-private service projects, contracts, or other sponsored projects in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. As a Researcher my eploration and testing is involved in multilateral dispute settlement, distributed ledger models, entreprenorial leadership, and deep learning pedagogy.

My present experimental research in dispute settlement is entitled “ICSID Mediation Framework and Distributed Ledger Technology – A sound outlook“. The study traces the changes of dispute settlement and the spread of distributed ledger technologies in present times, with particular focus on how different layers of complexity allow a fundamental reshaping of derivates infrastructure, which could reduce operational risks, streamline increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming processes, by influencing  trade agreements configuration and the sites of international legal practice.

To practice effectiveness, I draw on ethnographic methods, including technology observation, analysis of official documents, whitepapers, and interviews with arbitrators, public officials, mediators, negotiators, DLT experts, diplomats, lobbyists, activists, and investment experts.

Moreover, I adopt a key skill in my research methods – design thinking. Through the entire process of research-innovation-development, the most important question I ask is What if? By asking “what if” my thinking stays fresh and prevents me from settling for a solution that isn’t as good as it could be. As well, “what if” helps me test out the problem description in the early stages and evaluation of new ideas that emerge. It’s a key skill that sustains the awareness of my thinking throughout the design process of research-innovation framework, making sure that I’m not being limited by my own misconceptions.

As an expert in deep learning pedagogy and cloud education models architect, I designed a digital Lab entitled “Zeroes to Heroes”  sustained by The Rockefeller Foundation, where together with a few members we prototyping some human-centred design basics through a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

Having the chance to exibit a wide spread interaction with different types of stakeholders, to perform an innovative research and investigation, I develop the present platform where expert information is presented.