Digitalization Report: the way to a smart, secure, and sustainable energy?

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the EU’s energy systems. They offer many promises in making the system more productive, accessible and safe. 1 billion households and 11 billion smart appliances could be part of a digitized electricity system by 2040[1] . Smart energy is also supposed to help consumers save money: getting your house to buy power when it’s cheapest, updating grids to deal with surges caused by wind and solar power. But this also leaves worrying security gaps for hackers. • What are the threats & opportunities of digitalizing the energy system? • What are the technological innovations that will help reduce CO2 emissions and costs in the energy sector? • Where are the risks? How often can we counter cyber-attacks – ensuring the security of the energy system? • How much will it cost governments, industry and consumers to digitize the energy systems? • Are consumers ready for the energy digital transition?